Our Mission

The Buki (Japanese word for “Weapon”) Company’s mission is to provide the highest quality training implements for students studying the classical Japanese martial arts. We are a small sole proprietorship located in Mission Viejo, California. We do not operate from a commercial retail storefront. Therefore, pick-up is by appointment only. Please contact us by E-mail. Thank you!


Quality & Methods

· All our wooden training implements are ALL built by hand to our specifications.

· We take the time to hand pick the pieces of “select” grade hickory to construct all our implements.

· Each one is finished by hand with various grades of sand paper ending with a final finish of 400-600 grit. This ensures a smooth surface so the implement will slide freely in the practitioner’s hands.

· We seal and coat the wood with Tung Oil or Danish Oil to preserve and protect our product from damaging moisture. This will also allow those who acquire our tools to further treat and add subsequent oil to the surface without removing any prior finish.

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NEW!!! - Steel Shooting Targets (Full Silhouette)